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Sunday, December 12, 2010

i would like to.......

First glance at the title seems like something that is really interesting to read about.
haha~ what the hell are you writing, Jijah?Please don't go unsound! Haha~


According to the title of this post, I am pretty sure that many of you think about something interesting that I want to be or I want to do.But HELL NO! Guess what?I just wanted to dedicate this special video to all of my readers and followers , to stick together with me, until the end of my breath -not breast!haha

so, here it goes the video, and enjoy! -don't forget the popcorns!!
p/s: this is a malay song titled RELA and is originally sang by EJA.but I sang this song recently. -Just the Jijah's version.


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