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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sorry...that girl in my FB status is not, no misunderstanding here..

I remember one of my post in Facebook that causes one girl get misunderstood with me. So here, I would like to say that, that girl that I mention in one of my post about a girl that had made kinda ‘public nuisance’ in the study room..ouhh...

Since that day, I realised the way you look at made me goose bumps alright! Okay. I’m sorry but that girl IS NOT YOU,girl...I doesn’t even know who she is..And that girl actually didn’t play the song through earphone so the sound of the song sounds SO LOUD till many of my group members cannot pay attention to our discussion. There’s nothing to do with you, girl..Once again, I hope you read my post and just forget about it, okay..Haha..And I don’t even recognise the face of that girl. If you read this, I begged you, PLEASE don’t look at me like I’ve stole your boyfriend or WhaTeVeR..Haha..Okay..?

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