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Saturday, October 2, 2010

tragedy......"the MISSING puRse"....ummm..... :((

happened on my way from Shah Alam, Selangor to Bangsar, KL......biasa lah...nak cuti sem, hav to make some  clearence...but a day after the final exam ends,all of us(my roommates and I) went to the Sunway Pyramid.,...smpat laaa beli sepasang or sehelai dress yang cute laa jugak-cz its fits me!...hmm..okay2..kami pi pagi hari khamis tuu..and malam tuu along da deal she wanna fetch me at the Mawar College,UiTM Shah that nite along and her husband went to Mawar College...and fetch me.

dipendekkan citer..

I sleep at Along's house that nite and planned to go back to Kuaantan tomorrow together with Kak Amah, who is my cousin.but the next day i've switched my plan...-wanna shopping n walking around KL before get back to Kuantan..hmm....keep switching around...Along asked me to accompany her to the Mid Valley...and I said okay.I'm just fine.(cz nver gone there before!)so, she told me to get ready by 1400 hrs to go to Mid, I was left alone at home.
1) Facebooking
2) You Tubing
3) Blogging
4) Eating
5) Cook some Maggi
6) Sleeping
7) Texting with the LOVED one
....and can't rmmember them all..haha

it's 1330 hrs already..along called me when i was taking my, just picked it up..haha- kantoi lah....bring handphone along in the bathroom...haha..

along asked me to get ready...after bath and performing zuhur prayer, i remembered my purse.MY LORD!! i forgot !! where did I placed it??I tried to find it everywhere , unfortunately I could not found it...DAMN!! I felt wanna cry..I quickly texted Along and told her about it...she asked me to calm down and try to find it once again but my"mission" is FAILED .. :(
 what else?? - REDHA.

went back to Kuantan, lodge a police report the next day...and gonna call the bank and asked them to block my ATM card....make a new one....


Anonymous said...

amboi, chek, pi sunway x ajak noh..huhu..

bUngA_buLan said...

hahaha.....hmm...aku tgk hg mcm da hepi ja ngn life hg lpas laa nk kaco daunnn.... :((