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Monday, April 11, 2011


The light of love shines
The sea of love
Like a diamond
That floats
On the surface

I keep tracking on the beach of lonesome
Collecting the stranded love
That you described one by one
With your love
And now
It becomes the necklace of love charm

Although it was not damp by the rain
But the trace was refreshing
Although the moon was not in the lap
But the light was enough
To illuminate the shadows

O, love in the soul
Spread the aroma of love
As sweet as the the heaven musk
May the happiness become ours
That lasts forever

I keep tracking the beach of lonesome
To witness the sadness pass
The restless wave pounds my heart
Brings the grief away
Brings it away from the shadow

If the sunshine
Is hidden behind the cloud that anchored
Slide the curtains of your love
So that it can give its light
For both of us

copyrighted : nur qaseh jijah aiz

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