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Saturday, April 2, 2011

For The ONE I Love.

For the one I love,
I dream of you last night,
Holding my hands and hugged me..
Why do I ever dream of that?

For the one I love,
When you text me, my lips creates a smile,
Your intimate voice is my favourite sound,
and always make me fall when you phoned me..

For the one I love,
I haven't saw you today...
Where are you?

For the one I love,
Once I saw you, my heartbeat runs as fast as it could,
You made my day perfect.

For the one I love,
Everytime I saw you, i smiled instantly.
Your face drop deeper in my heart,
And I hope you are mine.

For the one I love,
You always make me feel to hug you,
When i see you smile at me,
U seem like forcing me to give u thousands of kisses.

Just for you, THE ONE I LOVE.


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