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Thursday, April 7, 2011

a person named ME.

this post is dedicated for ME. her name is ME. hell yeah, ME.
she is a naive girl. or in Eastern Coast, we call it JURUH.
she is just a typical girl.
that is easy to fall in love.
and also easy to be loved.
despite of being naive, she still know what is best for her.
but she still got ONE problem.
only ONE.
and it is very hard to make the decision.
she have a SOULpartner.
and she LOVE her soul partner very much.
but recently something has happened.
that pounds her heart.
beats her limbs.
shrink her brain.
dried her saliva and adrenalin.
she started to feel abandoned by someone important in her life.
and she's now afraid of loosing her.
she started to think that someone is angry with her.
without knowing her fault.
she started to keep so many things as secret.
as she doesn't want to hurt too many heart.
let she keep it all alone.
let she walk all alone.
let she cried it all alone.
let she wrote it all alone.
let she rest in peace all alone.

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