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Monday, April 11, 2011

yeahhh!! I'm the XXXXL girl !!

What's up guys??
I'm just came back from town, looking for attire that I'm going to wear tomorrow.Heyy! Guess what?I managed to get a job as a cashier at Carrefour. $$$$ kaaaachinggg!! $$$$

Hmm...Talking about the attire, I have my own story about it.Looks like it's VERY HARD to be an EXTRA SIZED person when it comes at the time to buy our clothes.Along these times, my attire is only the baju kurung and my EXTRA sized jeans.But just now, I HAVE to buy new clothes for me to wear tomorrow. It's NOT pretty hard to find them, but its VERY hard to find a pair of trousers and a long sleeve shirt that suits my size.WELL, I'm the XXXXL.No wonder its VERY hard for me.
FINE.I'm FAT.Just shut the hell off and I'm DONE.

Urgghhhh!!! How to get my DREAM bodyshape? If you say DIET is the solution, I'll give you the SWEETEST smile I ever give to each and any single person in this Earth. I've tried it a few times and IT's NOT WORKED!!! I'm very upset and feel SO humiliated with myself.I feel like I'm going to HATE myself just because of my BODYSHAPE and also just because of my BODYWEIGHT. DR MATE5?? Hell no. I've tried it and its worked BUT once I stopped, the weight INCREASE INSTANTLY and guess what??HEAVIER than EVER!

Praise to GOD for giving me a boyfriend that ACCEPT me and LOVE me just the way I am.Thank you, sayang for loving me.And as you know, I LOVE YOU MORE than YOU LOVE ME, teddy ^_^
Although I keep complaining to him about my bodyshape and bodyweight, he kept ADVISING me and always told me to WATCH my daily diet and routines.He is the BEST motivator I ever had about motivating me in EVERY aspects.Thank you once again, sayang!

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