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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hye peeps!
Long time no see, right?

Hhmmm.. since the semester break has started ,I have started to miss Shah Alam and my beloved friends and love. Ouh my..
Miss them damn much like crazy. Haha~

  Especially my ex-roommate this semester (not too sure!haha) and hell yeah, my dearest ex-roommate during the early semester( I mean, during the first semester) and also, my crazy friends from the Faculty of Law, UiTM Shah Alam that took the same course as I am. And also my dearest and loveliest friends from the NGO’s , which is the PEPIAS that stands for ‘Persatuan Pelajar Islam Selangor’.

Now, I’m going to list out their names and their character that will always STATIONARY(haha) and PERMANENTLY be in my mind. And hell yeah, I MISS THEM LIKE CRAZY!

They’re my lovely ex-roommates that I am going to miss (have miss them already!)

Miss BELLA ZAHIRI a.k.a Baby D
She is awesome, cool, cute and a nice girl. Hey, I love your hair!
at KFC ^_^

She is super intelligent and I adore her courage and determination. Love ya and all your advices~
Cute right?hee ^_^

She is super cute and sexy. Aha! That’s true. Lalala~ And also have a lil tiny and sexy voice. Haha. Thanks dear for being nice to me ^_^
ngee~ ^_^


Wan Nadzirah a.k.a My SAYANG
My sleeping, eating, laughing, crying, study and etc. partner  and HELL YEAH, we are VERY close until my boyfriend became jealous with her!This girl taught me to be strong and make me believe that there's always chances in life.Although you didn't realize it, but my heart says that.You are my true friend and I don't want to loose you.Syg,I LOVE you!
missing you. . .

MIEYLA MIKILAKA a.k.a Mila Bila Cinta(hehe)
This girl is well known as ''The Girl with Excessive Sugar'' or in malay, ''Budak Terlebih Gula'' by Hazwan, Lah, Nad and I.The only main reason is that, she is talkative, active,cute girl.If we hangout without her, it would be dull and not be as chaos as if her around. You are great babehh and i MISS youuu and LOVEEE youu!!!
Milaaa ^_^

PIERRE KOSARSKI(Muhd Ridzuan) a.k.a Abg Pierre
My heart pounds SOOOOO fucking FAST when I saw him.Why?lalala.That's my secret!Please think positive, okay.1st met him at my FIRST usrah with PEPIAS after a few activities i've joined.This guy is amazing.And once you see him LIVE, you'll scream and says'' Ouh my! Is that Pierre Andre??''haha. He's great and he can understand many people and HELL YEAH, he can be a good motivator for those are having problems or conflict in their personal life.Won't forget our memories that we've been through together.LOVE you ^_^
whoopsii. .!!steal from Fb.hee.jgn mara aw~

ASOY ZAIN a.k.a Asoy (Our Commedian)
This guy is CRAZY and we LOVE him damn much!He can make anybody smile and laugh when they're sad or not in their mood even with a word that comes out from his mouth.He is really funny and I hope he'll marry Wan Nadzirah soon! haha.hey, it's my Do'a okayy~
remember this moment?haha~
Hah.''Budak A Level nih''.This guy is AWESOME.He is a professional photographer and his artwork is always the best! He is also a cat LOVER and guess what? He have almost 11 cats at home and they're all CUTE!! As cute as YOU, Saiful!! LOVE you as well as YOUR cats!!
hee. . .

1st met this guy with Wan Nadzirah when we are going to our 1st Usrah at Amir Aizuddin's house, section 18, Shah Alam and he fetch us at Mawar College, UiTM Shah Alam.After that, we  (i mean me, Nad and Mila) become close and always hanging out together( not frequent la). He is a SUPER TALENTED to be a CARPET MERCHANT.haha.His favourite qoutationis ''adikk mannees, maw beli karpet?''hee~
sayangg sama abg mannisss~haha
HALLO adik mannisss~

Dear my BELOVED friends GUYS and GIRLS, I SWEAR that I love all of you.Always keep in touch and always keep all our memories together.I'll NEVER forget what we've been through together although in a short term of time.Till we meet again if I come to Shah Alam!
Miss all of YOU DAMN MUCH! Sumpah tak tipu! LOVE all of YOU!!

''أحب كل واحد منكم في سبيل الله''

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